Landa G3 Pump with 7 Year Warranty

For nearly 40 years the Landa name has meant one thing in the cleaning equipment industry: Quality! The new Third Generation (G3) Landa Pump lives up to that name. Every component of this tri-plex (three plunger) high-pressure pump has been carefully engineered, crafted and tested to exceed the rigorous demands of pressure washers.

Landa G3 Pump Product Sheet

Landa G3 Pressure PumpThe piston stroke of the Landa Pump has been engineered so it can deliver the same output of comparable pumps but at 10% lower RPM, adding many hours to the pump’s life. All models are backed by a 7-year warranty on the oil-end of the pump and a lifetime warranty on the brass head. Moreover, the Landa Pump is backed by North America’s largest network of trained pressure washer service centers.

Improvements to the Landa G3 Pressure Pump Include:

  • Stronger crankcase with cooling fins and thicker mounting feet
  • Extra-large European made tapered roller bearings
  • New crankcase cover with cooling fins, new O-ring seal and larger oil level sight glass
  • New U-seals (German engineered by Parker) significantly reduce pump maintenance and extend pump life
  • New stronger die cast connecting rods for longer life
  • Tighter piston rod tolerance reduces wear and maximizes performance
  • New multi-viscosity pump oil
  • Better torque specifications
  • New and improved check valves
  • 7-year warranty on the oil-end of the pump and a lifetime warranty on the brass head.
  • ph-product-g3pump-cylinder-chambersThe lining of the Cylinder Chambers measures 4.4mm, nearly twice as thick as that of comparable pumps.
  • The hardened steel Crankshaft has been precision machined to be absolutely true & straight, essential in sustaining maximum flow and pressure.
  • Extra-large European-made Roller Bearings are tapered to handle both radial and axial loads.
  • Powerful Connecting Rods, made of an aluminum-zinc alloy, are specially cast to create indention and lubricating holes for extended life of both the rod and crankshaft by reducing the amount of friction and heat generated by the constant pumping action.
  • High-tolerance stainless steel Plunger Rods link Connecting Rods with the ceramic Plungers and slide back and forth through copper-plated Plunger Guides that are lined inside by an extra-durable, low-friction, teflon bronze-and-lead bushing for a smoother operation.
  • ph-product-g3pump-4.5mm-chamber-liningHeavy-duty Ceramic Plungers have a wall thickness 33% greater than competitors, providing additional strength and life to the Landa Pump. Also the plungers have a mirror finish surface created by a high-precision diamond grinding, which keeps the seals from wearing.
  • Unique Valve Cap design ensures valve seats snugly and upright for constant peak pressure. Valve cage is made of a Zytel® plastic, by Dupont, that is 35% beefier than most valves for extra-long life.
  • 10mm Manifold Bolts are made of 12.9 class steel and are coated by a Dacromet® treatment that provides 3 to 4 times more corrosion resistance than zinc plating.
  • Single-piece Manifold or Brass Head is made of press-forged brass, a process in which the liquid hot metal is forced into a mold under pressure eliminating air pockets and creating a virtually flawless housing capable of withstanding high pressures.
  • Rugged Crankcase has more cooling fins and is made of extra-thick, pressure die-cast aluminum with a special anodized treatment for extra long-life protection.
  • Vented Dipstick Plug allows oil to expand without increasing internal crankcase pressure for better cooling.
  • Landa G3 PlungerHeavy-duty, ceramic Plungers have a wall thickness of 4.5mm as compared to 3mm on most pumps; a high-precision, diamond grinding process leaves a mirror surface finish on the plungers ensuring a long life for the new U-Seals (U-shaped packing seals), German engineered by Parker.