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Landa Cold Water Pressure Washers

LANDA Midwest’s cold water pressure washers include a variety of fuel and design configurations to meet most continuous use in commercial and industrial cleaning needs. All cold water models are powered by either gasoline/diesel or electricity and come with wheels or stationary cabinets, and some are even portable enough to be hand carried.

MP-MPE Series

  Portable, gasoline or diesel-powered ...
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PD Series

  Portable, gasoline-powered ...
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PDE Series

  Portable, electric-powered, direct-drive ...
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PE Series

  Portable, electric-powered ...
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PG Series

  Portable, belt-drive, gasoline-powered ...
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SEA Series

  Stationary, electric-powered, ...
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ZE Series

  Portable, handheld, electric-powered,...
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ZEF Series

  Handheld, direct drive, electric-powered, ...
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ZG Series

  Compact, handheld, gasoline-powered, ...
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